Amunet by Robert Harkess: Review

Amunet by Robert Harkess

Amunet by Robert Harkess is a standalone novel that takes us into an adventure story of a couple of teenagers trying to thwart the threat on their lives by avoiding the dreaded Inquisition and find the answers they seek through cities we know but view here in a different light, an alternate version of the history we have studied or read about.

The girl has a residential guide inside her head who talks her into finding a way to save her mother from mysterious forces.

The boy ‘about to become a young man’ works with his father who is an investigator/inquisitor for the church and is determined to save Amunet from a witchhunt.


Amunet is an awesome genre mashup of fantasy, steampunk, and alternate history. Who would have imagined a London still following the Victorian style and notion while ‘autocabs’ ran through her streets but churches carry out witch hunts to find false mediums and subject them to the inquisition?

The author doesn’t skimp on the details creating a setting from the known and loved real world locations and changing them into something fascinating and unique.

The characters are well crafted. Their personal flaws, eccentricities, and emotions are written with clarity.

Forever blushing Harry is sweet. Amunet does what she needs to survive and move forward with her mission.

Secondary characters help with the development of the plot.

The charming character who resides inside Amunet’s head is my favorite from the book. Not willing to risk giving away major spoilers, I suggest you keep an eye on Morthenne, a fascinating creation of Mr. Robert Harkess.

POV switches are smooth.

Amunet is written with an easy pace. Action and backstory are blended well, keeping the reader engaged in the book.

The cover is lovely.

I like epics and grimdark, so Amunet was a nice change for me.

My recommendation

I offer four bohostars to Amunet for being one hell of an adventure.


If you like fantasy, adventure, magic, and sci-fi feel in your book with an alternate setting in a known world, Amunet is going to blow your mind away.

About the author

Robert grudgingly shares his writing time with his real-world job, where he does things with computers and bosses people about. He lives just north of London with a wonderful wife and two attention-seeking dragons shape-shifted into the forms of conventional felines. He blogs, a nasty habit that many have tried to break him of, at Blog site changed.
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Thank you Netgalley and Kristell-Ink for the ARC. This review is based on my opinion of the book and not influenced by any other natural or supernatural entity.

Amunet Book Cover



Robert Harkess

Sci Fi & Fantasy, steampunk, alternate history, paranormal

Kristell Ink, Grimbold Books

October 29, 2016




Amunet has a unique talent; she can talk to the dead. She had been told all her life that this is the key to rescuing her mother, who has been taken by mysterious and powerful forces. To unlock her mother’s prison, all she has to do is find the Locksmith. Posing as a Medium, she scours Europe for the one person who can help her.

Harry and his father are investigators, employed by the Church to hunt down Mediums and hand them over to the mercies of the Inquisition. Harry has always believed he, and the Church, were doing the right thing. Until now.

Refusing to believe the Inquisition's claim that Amunet is evil, Harry risks his own life, and his relationship with his father, to keep her from the clutches of the Church, even as she guides him on a journey to prevent a terrible evil being set loose in the world.

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