The Book of Angels: A review

The Book of Angels

The Book of Angels is a captivating collection of metaphysical fantasy stories by AJ Dalton, Sammy H.K. Smith, Michael Bowman, Andrew Coulthard, Caimh McDonell, and Matthew White.

The book cover enticed me to pick up this book from Netgalley. Authors with pretty impressive biography have contributed in this collection, but most of the stories are by AJ Dalton.

I received a free copy of the Kindle edition from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.

There are twelve stories of Angels; some also feature demons.

All the stories are well written, mostly grimdark, and some leave you shuddering over the twist endings.

The Christian concept of Angels and Demons fascinate me. I have read any book on this subject that crossed my path and shameless admit that most of them are of the YA level with a heavy romance element. They have started tiring me out after the fourth or fifth book. I am happily going to give up all those series of romance between teenage girls and angels or Gods or Demons now that I have read this book.

Here is a list of my favorites from The Book of Angels.

  • Homecoming by AJ Dalton
  • The Angel and the Demon by AJ Dalton
  • The Watcher by Sammy H.K. Smith
  • The Lucky Ones by Michael Bowman

I am not getting into details to avoid spoilers as all the stories have unpredictably twisted endings you will enjoy (or cry hiding your face behind a pillow). Note that I don’t say I loved any of them. I felt the stories don’t incite love. Instead, they make you sit and think for hours about what happened and what could have been.

Pages describing angels treating their actions as jobs, living on Earth as Human beings, their pain, happiness and fear (someone killing angels for their souls, yikes!) kept me engrossed for a long time. One story, in particular, made me imagine it in a science-fiction perspective due to the setting of a few scenes in ‘Lumecor.’ The description of the storage tank gave me the creeps.

This book showed us the adult level of understanding the Visionary fiction. Read it, I urge you, at least once if you find the concept of angels and demons as compelling.

The Book of Angels Book Cover

The Book of Angels

A J Dalton

Fiction, Metaphysical fantasy

Kristell Ink

September 23, 2016




Would you want to be an angel? The pay's terrible and you get nothing but complaints from dissatisfied mortals. This exciting new collection brings together the writing talents of international fantasy author A J Dalton, Matt White (prize-winning scriptwriter), Caimh McDonnell (writer for Mock the Week), Sammy HK Smith (friend to gods and demons), Andrew Coulthard (award-nominated short story writer) and Michael Bowman (widely worshipped by those who know about such things).


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