Book review: Curse of the Sphinx (Sphinx#1)

Book review: Curse of the Sphinx (Sphinx#1)

Curse of the Sphinx, an impressive start of the series, is about a child of a human father and a mother who bears a curse of a God through her ancestors.

Suspense builds up as the girl shies away from active social life, faces personal tragedies, many crises and meets a young potential love interest.

The protagonist is a reclusive teenager who knows how to handle herself in time of crisis. The author does a decent job of showing the suppressed rebellion in the young girl forced by fate and circumstances to mature too fast and too soon.

The writing level can be rated between MG and YA group. The action and pace are decent enough to keep the reader’s mind occupied throughout the length of the book. The narrative, POV, dialogues are clear.

A lot of Greek Gods are introduced in Curse of the Sphinx and if you do not love mythology like me, no problem. A lot of chapters are spent on name and description of the Gods. I would have preferred a fewer of the names thrown into the mix but accept the fact that this doesn’t bog down the narration.

The book ends well, leaving us eagerly anticipating the next in series.

I received ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Curse of the Sphinx Book Cover

Curse of the Sphinx


Raye Wagner

Urban fantasy

Createspace Independent Publishing

18th October 2016




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