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Author Interview: J.P. Ashman

Author Interview: J.P. Ashman

Hello, Lovely Readers. Having a good weekend? If you are looking for a short break from all the merrymaking, fun, and frolic, read this amusing and entertaining interview with one of the Fantasy Hive busy bees, J.P. Ashman, the author of Black Powder Wars series. Dyrk Ashton, the dashing author of Paternus, described Mr. Ashman’s …

An Interview with GR Matthews (series finale part -2)

Spotlight: Author Interview

Hello and welcome back, my loyal readers. GR is making his final appearance here before he runs off to get started with his book launch, Corin Hayes #3, an underwater science fiction adventure mystery thriller.   Hey Geoff, let’s talk about reviews and publishing today.   In what way do you think reviews can help/harm …