Crime thriller, Mystery

Crime thriller, mystery, detective, suspense

A Grave Search (Bodies of Evidence) by Wendy Roberts: Review

A Grave Search (Bodies of Evidence) by Wendy Roberts: Review

  Julie Hall is twenty-five, has a terrible secret, and a strange ability to find dead bodies using a pair of dowsing rods. What happens when it hits close to home, any place she can call her home? I read A Grave Calling, the first book in the series, by chance. I was looking for …

The Fourth Monkey by J.D. Barker: Review

The Fourth Monkey by J.D. Barker

The Fourth Monkey by J.D. Barker is an intelligently crafted crime thriller showcasing the classic police vs serial killer.   Here is an alternate cover I found in the website provided to me for the author’s photograph. Love both the artwork.   The serial killer   Hannibal Lecter was lost into the horizon long ago. …

Hollywood Homicide (Detective by Day #1) by Kellye Garrett: Review

Hollywood Homicide

Hollywood Homicide, Kellye Garrett‘s debut with the series Detective by Day, is an entertaining piece of a cozy mystery with a damsel under a lot of stress who takes matters into her hands instead of playing the easier role of a damsel in distress.   Dayna Anderson is a superb character. A ‘retired’ Hollywood actress …

Exodus ’95 by Kfir Luzzatto: Review

Exodus 95

Exodus ’95 is an Indiana Jones meets Librarian meets any treasure hunt tale of adventure and mayhem with a solid background of┬áhistory.   4 bohostars Review Claire Williams is in search of the legendary Biblical Staff of Moses and needs the help of an Israeli engineer a young graphic designer to find the artifact before …

Revolt (Godsknife #1) by Timothy C. Ward: review

Revolt (Godsknife)

Timothy C. Ward’s fresh new fantasy/sci-fi novel Revolt from the Godsknife series is a tasty and addictive cocktail of the speculative fiction genre. A delusional megalomaniac (Shila) wants a place on the God table. Said crazy lady sends swarms of bugs to infect people and turn them to the dark side. Only, the dark side …