Fantasy book reviews

Murder in Absentia

Book review Felix is not a tabby cat (thanks to the author’s lovely wife whom he has dedicated this book) but a middle-aged, toga-donning, magic wielding(sometimes faking), sleuth lurking in the dark lanes and docks of Egretia. Oh, I missed squid-on-a-stick-loving and cunning. Assaph Mehr has posted a decent collection of short stories on his website …

Myths of Immortality by Raye Wagner

Myths of immortality

Myths of Immortality, the third installment of The Sphinx series is another fast-paced, action-packed mythology-based book by Raye Wagner. Definitely lengthier (no complaints at all!), this book shows more emotions and introduces new characters, especially the ones we were left curious about, in the first two books. Ms. Wagner knows how to weave the web …

The Book of Angels: A review

The Book of Angels

The Book of Angels is a captivating collection of metaphysical fantasy stories by AJ Dalton, Sammy H.K. Smith, Michael Bowman, Andrew Coulthard, Caimh McDonell, and Matthew White. The book cover enticed me to pick up this book from Netgalley. Authors with pretty impressive biography have contributed in this collection, but most of the stories are …