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Marked (Apocalypse Assassins Trilogy #1) by D. Laine

Marked by D. Laine

I received an advanced reader’s copy of the first book Marked from the Apocalypse Assassins Trilogy, Desni Dantone’s latest series. The author is using the name D Laine for this series so don’t get confused. This is the same Desni we know and love. Marked is a concoction of science fiction, supernatural/paranormal, mystery-thriller, and adult …

Terminal Regression by Mallory Hill

Terminal Regression

  Terminal Regression by Mallory Hill is a young-adult science fiction novel featuring a pseudo-utopian world where the protagonist sows the seeds of revolution by revealing the true dystopian nature of their lives. Terminal Regression deals with the classic stratification of society according to its members’ collective or personal function and abilities. I received an …