Dragonship by J.P. Ashman: Review


Dragonship by J.P. Ashman is his latest short length work and as surprising as its namesake, the ship.


What a unique concept of a ship on a dragon’s back! I want that ship. I’ll do anything for that thing. And it’s red.


The cover, in my opinion, isn’t good enough for the story. It’s okay but not the usual dark and mysterious background that is associated with Jon’s books, namely Black Cross and Black Martlet.


Kristen@superstardrifter and Trevor@THE BLOGIN’ HOBGOBLIN had come up with more appropriate artworks than the one in the book. No, I kid you not, o wise readers, see for yourself.




The blend of a good plot and well-rounded characterization in such a short piece amazed me. The climax of the story is going to remain in my mind for a long time.


How did the man manage to give us enough to know and feel for his lead lady within the restriction of words and pages?


The numbered men were a good idea. The use of numbers instead of names usually show us the importance of the characters in the long run and to the others associated with them. It also acts as a cover for someone who requires a slow identity reveal. Mr. Ashman’s little tactic worked perfectly, giving us a few vignette scenes of the ordinary sailors on the deck and picking up the one who was critical to our lead character’s goal. Hat’s off for keeping this reader hooked to the narrative and the players.


I loved the ending. There were a few possibilities, and this one was a logical and perfect one.


I loved Mr. Ashman’s language and writing style. While his English is a little unusual for a non-Brit like me, the words, the overall tone, and flow have a strong pull and great authenticity. I see a distinct flavor in his writing (this is his second work I have read). This must be what the people call a writer’s voice.


I thought the dragon was going to be green as the author tells everybody he likes green dragons. I guess I should take away a star for that misleading information. Let me think about it.


For now, five bohostars.




I heartily thank Mr. Ashman for offering me an ARC in exchange for my honest review. My love for dragons has no influence on my opinion of this book.


Dragonship (Kindle Edition) is 30 pages long and is expected to be published on July 15th, 2017 by J.P. Ashman.



So what say you?