The Emerald Blade (The Landkist Saga #2) by Steven Kelliher: Review

The Emerald Blade


The Emerald Blade boasts a cover so stunning, gorgeous, mindboggling, eye-goggling, I am running out of adjectives here.


Mr. Kelliher’s imagery and lyrical prose add to the overall presentation. I see a marked improvement in The Emerald Blade compared to the Valley of Embers regarding consistency and exposition.


The characters are many, but each major player has a significant and more or less well-rounded presence. The dialogs addressed characters by the last name, and the narration mentioned the first name. It took some and adjusting but no biggie. Shadow is wow! Love what Mr. Kelliher did with her. No spoilers. I know. Bummer.


Unlike its predecessor, The Emerald blade doesn’t start with gripping action. Instead, there is some traveling, talking, and no sign of Kole or Linn for some time.


But, The Emerald Blades has its positives. The world here not too different. The subtle changes in scenery are evident after we are through a few chapters. The initial ‘talk’ actually makes way for the later plot twists.


To be honest, I loved how Valley of Embers started with a bang. I thought I was going to miss that in The Emerald Blade.

However, once Kole and Linn appear, the story picks up the pace.


The slow build up of a right amount of drama, mystery, and tension in this epic fantasy helps heighten our anticipation and keeps our attention captivated to the last.


The last part of the book (after two-third) is sensational. What an ending! I can hardly wait for the third book in the series. Will it be the finale? Will the cover outdo this one? Sorry. Patience.




Thank you, Steven, for the free advanced reader’s copy in exchange for my honest review.


I bought my copy yesterday once the book went live (Congratulations).


You can read my review of the first book in the series, Valley of Embers, here.


The Emerald Blade is the second book in the epic fantasy series The Landkist Saga by Steven Kelliher.

Format: Kindle Edition.

Pages: 636

Published: June 1st, 2017

Publisher: Self-published



Steven is a fighter turned writer who resides in the Boston area. He wishes all disputes were still settled with a friendly game of hand-to-hand combat, is a fan of awesome things, and tries to write books he’d want to read.

His debut novel, Valley of Embers was released in 2016 and is the first of a planned series known as The Landkist Saga.


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