Fear, terror and human nature

Fear. Of what? Of whom? What kind? Which feeling is fear? How is fear

Have you experienced the feeling of something heavy sitting on your chest? Have you felt your lungs constricting, while a lump in your throat prevents you from swallowing? Did your eyes sting but you could not close them lest you miss something, like a chance for escape? Were you too scared to look through your own window?

Let’s talk about fear today. Not the horror fiction or gory movie, shitting your pants fear. But the kind that you can only face in life. The kind that is a mixture of worry, pain, and humiliation. The kind that can only come from something vile and savage.

Dictionaries define fear as an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm.

An ugly morning

No, I was not kidnapped by terrorists. Neither was I subjected to any kind of threat to my life or dignity. It was not me who was in danger. All I did was share an unpleasant emotion with other bystanders this morning. It was a bird.

I had just left our building with my daughter heading for the Gulmohar tree. My baby likes to watch a great white rooster with a bright red comb, pecking at grains spread on the grounds there. Her school van picks her up from there.

I was fixing her hoodie when we heard a pack of dogs howling and some women screaming. The commotion pulled my eyes up and I saw 6-7 dogs chasing something. Within a few tense moments, they viciously tore upon something leaving a flurry of white feathers and a loud squawk. The women shooed the dogs off by the time we reached the Gulmohar tree. The unnerving incident had paralyzed my legs for a few minutes.

It was a pitiful sight. White feathers everywhere, the owner was carrying the rooster in his arms to his home, The bird was wrapped in a cloth so we couldn’t know if he was alive. I did not ask. The horror-struck faces and pain stung eyes said enough.

My daughter kept asking what made Mamma so sad, why the rooster was not playing with her today and why the road was full of white feathers. I had no answer. I am grateful that the van arrived early today.

Fear from Human action

The pack of vicious dogs reminded me of the rabid human beings attacking fellow beings in the name of misguided principles. I don’t know what exactly made the dogs attack the rooster but they surely would have judged the territorial male bird as a threat. However, I do know that Human beings do not need a reasonable justification. They can make up their own law and regulations to get their own way.

Soon, freedom will become our biggest concern, not fear for life. Free speech, religion, and gender have always been the primary targets of the distorted mind. Soon we can expect restrictions on food, clothing, profession, and other mundane aspects of daily life. Though in this country, nothing is new. The human rights are often under attack from various organizations. Have you heard of political parties, religious leaders, educational boards making amendments in course curriculum deciding what or what not to teach school children, allowing only conservative dressing for women in universities?


All channels, social media, websites, newspapers have talked about the ongoing terrorist attacks in the world for last few days. The people of the world, irrespective of religion, gender, caste, creed or geographical boundaries feel outraged at the continued brutality.

Almost half the world is under attack. Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, France, Nigeria, Libya, USA, Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh. How many more countries we don’t even notice in the massive influx of news on terrorism.

Taliban, Al-Qaida, ISIL/ISIS, and other extremist or terrorist organizations have happily hacked away human life for their cause. There are times when one wonders if the foot soldiers of the terrorist groups even understand their cause or just act on some vague promise of the leaders.

Do they really believe religious dominance can bring them power and love of God?

Merriam-Webster defines terrorism as the use of violent acts to frighten the people in an area as a way of trying to achieve a political goal. It is also the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion.

The utter disregard for human rights, the brutality of killing innocents, the horrors instigated in minds of the common people make the terrorist’s modus operandi.

The world’s reaction

We have a general idea that terrorism is the vengeance of the poor and downtrodden. However, most of these men were the opposite. They came from affluent families, attended private English schools, and some used to eat at the restaurant they attacked. According to this report, ISIL recruits educated young men from wealthy families and use them in attacks of wider scope, such as in Paris and Brussels and this week, Bangladesh. This shows how poorly informed we are, living long under an unchanged perception.

So how do we react to the pain and suffering of our neighbors?

Simple. We choose countries who are more favorable in the West or have less controversy. We pray and shed tears for France but not for Iraq. Why? Because we follow a set of misguided principles too? See this for details.

Is this the beginning of the end?

I remember this part of Mahabharata, where the Yadavas kill each other, nearing the end of the Dwapar-Yuga. This is one of the events that mark the cross-over to Kali-Yuga.

Is this where we all are heading to? We fight against each other and destroy the world we try to change? Were those dogs chasing the rooster better than us? I wonder if the death of their innocent prey weighs on their conscience.

Do we even have the right to judge anymore?

Think and share.

A request to my readers, please scroll up to the image in the beginning of the post and try to analyze it in your own way. Share your thoughts via comments. See you soon.

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