Fun Friday lists: Top ten fictional freaks

Freaky Friday

I am starting a meme on fun lists of fictional characters. This Friday, we are going to think about characters who freak us out in some way or the other. Fun Friday: Top ten fictional freaks are those whose very nature of mayhem and madness prevent them from fitting into a clear-cut protagonist/antagonist role. Some are not even the main characters. I warn you, dear readers, some have a tragic past or present. This is not a mockery but a discussion of their disturbing presence in the book.

Let the games begin.

10. Frankenstein’s monster

from Frankenstein by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Percy Bysshe Shelley (contributor), Maurice Hindle (Editor, Introduction)

Freaky Friday


The book that changed the course of fiction, Frankenstein or rather Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s monster has great historical importance in the horror/science fiction genre. As a tragic antihero, this character was conceived by Mary in an extraordinary setting where her colleagues and peers Percy Bysshe Shelley (later her husband), Lord Byron, and John Polidori had taken up the challenge to write a horror story. Mary had a dream which resulted in the conception of what is today’s father of freakiness.

An extraordinary story of a fantastic creation, the same exercise resulted in the creation of another legend, Byron’s fragmented account of vampires expanded by John Polidori into The Vampyre, bringing the new paranormal element into the course of gothic romance.

9. Mrs. Danvers

from Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier


Freaky Friday


Those who have read the book or watched the movie, surely you remember the spooky housekeeper who scares the new Mrs. De Winter almost into suicide with her crazy psycho talks about Rebecca, the first Mrs. De Winter.
This particular book inspired Stephen King to create Bag of Bones.

Daphne du Maurier describes Danvers as:

Tall and gaunt in deepest black, her face a white skull with dark eye sockets, her thin hand cold, her voice low and monotonous.


Without Mrs. Danvers looming in the black and white stairs there would have been no magic in this superior example of gothic fiction. Hitchcock wouldn’t have created that masterpiece of his.

8. President Snow

from Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins


Freaky Friday



The megalomaniac head of a totalitarian state, Snow terrorizes the districts with his conniving serpentine mind games. And The Hunger Games.

7. The dementors

and Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Harry Potter #3) by J.K. Rowling


Freaky Friday


They are equally whacko if you ask me. While the Dementors are fear personified, Dolores is the evil reincarnated. Voldemort has an excuse. He is the ‘chosen one’ as a villain. Umbridge has absolutely no reason to be so nasty. Who am I kidding? Both made their choices. Almost makes me feel bad for the helpless soul-sucking dementors.


6. Jack Torrance

from The Shining by Stephen King

Freaky Friday

As much as I like the book, the movie or rather Jack Nicholson immortalizes the possessed creepy dad routine.

5. Andrew Waggoner

from Chalk by


Freaky Friday
Chalk by Paul Cornell


This particular book had left me shaken for a complete week. I couldn’t not think about it for several days and had to read a lot of romantic comedy to get it out of my system. It still lurks somewhere in the darkest corner of my mind. Kudos to the author. Here’s my review if you are so inclined.

4. Lanta

from Godblind by Anna Stephens

Freaky Friday


This character made me mortified of nails, hammers, and balls. The ultimate example of a fanatic. Read the book if you want details.

3. Alex

from A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

Freaky Friday


Aversion therapy, a sociopath/psychopath/’ultraviolent’, politics, Alexander the Large is one of the most twisted villains in literature. I made the mistake of watching the movie. I suggest you do too.


2. Gage Creed

from Pet Sematary by Stephen King

Freaky Friday


A child. A little boy. What could be freakier than a little boy being resurrected from the dead and terrorizing his own parents?

1. Hannibal Lecter

from The Hannibal Lecter series by Thomas Harris


Freaky Friday

Freaky Friday



One of my all time favorite characters ever, Dr. Lecter also leads the chart of creepiest dudes. Master of psychological manipulation, Hannibal Lecter is almost a protagonist in some books from the series. That’s before he tries to eat people. Google for more. I just had dinner.




Yes, it’s not Halloween. Thank you for pointing that out. I am just in a mood you know. Couldn’t make myself write a review for over a week now. Some kind of block I guess.

Did you like this week’s Fun Friday lists: Top ten fictional freaks? Is there anybody else doing the same thing? Let me know so I can write a due acknowledgment. If you are interested and have a list of your own, post your links in the comments so we can compare each other’s lists and have some fun. I am not adding any link button for Fun Friday lists yet. Maybe next week.


So what say you?