G.R. Matthews: Sunday Spotlight May-June

G.R. Matthews: Sunday Spotlight

G.R. Matthews is going to publish the last of the Corin Hayes series soon.

So? WTF should you do? Do you even know this guy?

Well, we all know him, don’t we? He haunts our beloved Fantasy Faction, breaks up bar fights (I suspect he has an unnamed lady as his real muscle) when group members are particularly naughty, and writes up underwater/deep sea level, adventures of tragic heroes wearing fish suits (no really).

G.R. Matthews: Silent City


I read Silent City after one Julia Kitvaria Sarene held me at gunpoint (no, that’s not correct, I am quite sure it was a bow). I fell in love with Corin. It’s kind of a love-hate relationship with the man who can’t keep his eyes off pretty women and gets himself in trouble more often than James Bond. He is a fish-suit wearing futuristic James Bond who gets into all kind of trouble but with less ‘cool’ and more ‘calamity.’

So Julia and Marielle (Mariëlle Ooms-Voges ladies and gentlemen) initiated me into the super secret lair of G.R. (see how it rhymes?), the legendary treehouse. The torture, the sadistic rituals…

As a fan and virtual club member of the lovely gentleman’s treehouse (not a harem, he is a gentleman, you dirty freaks!), I am going to drag him into the spotlight by posting a review of one of his books each Sunday. Why? Well, he promised to let me live in the said treehouse even if I ever get involved with criminal activities (like bank robbery, I am a good girl and don’t harbor such thoughts in my mind). That’s a bribe ladies and gentleman, isn’t it?

G.R. Matthews: Nothing is ever Simple

I am going to start the Sunday Spotlight series with his Asian Fantasy series full of Kung-fuey awesomeness, The Forbidden List series. The Corin Hayes series will follow that and we will wrap up with a review of the new baby.

G.R. Matthews: The Stone Road


I just finished reading The Stone Road. The review will be a part of the Sunday Spotlights. There may be a gap of a week or two in between according to my schedule, but I am aiming for one review per week.

G.R. Matthews: The Blue Mountain

G.R. Matthews: The Red Plains

So, Sunday spotlight for the month of May-June is going to be for G.R. Matthews.

Ta ta.

About the author

G.R. MatthewsGeoff Matthews began reading in the cot. His mother, at her wits end with the constant noise and unceasing activity, would plop him down on the soft mattress with an encyclopedia full of pictures then quietly slip from the room. His father, ever the pragmatist, declared, that they should, “throw the noisy bugger out of the window.” Happily, this event never came to pass (or if it did Geoff bounced well).

Growing up, he spent Sunday afternoons on the sofa watching westerns and Bond movies with the self-same parent who had once wished to defenestrate him. When not watching the six-gun heroes or spies being out-acted by their own eyebrows he devoured books like a hungry wolf in the dead of winter. Beginning with Patrick Moore and Arthur C Clarke he soon moved on to Isaac Asimov.

However, one wet afternoon in a bookshop in his hometown, not far from the standing stones of Avebury, he came across a book by David Eddings – and soon Sci-Fi gave way to Fantasy. Many years later, Geoff finally realized a dream and published his fantasy novel, The Stone Road, in the hopes that other hungry wolves out there would find a hearty meal.

You can follow him on Twitter @G_R_Matthews or visit his website.

You can also find him writing for Fantasy Faction.

This is for you. Enjoy.


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