God, child, and mother


D: Ma, read me a book.

M: Which one?

D: What is God? How do you become a God? When will people do nommo nommo (worship) to me? Can I have a biscuit?

M: *breaks into the standard lecture prepared ages ago for any potential offspring

D: If I am really strong and fight well can I become Dugga Thakur (Goddess Durga)? I want to catch bad people.

M: How about the Police?

D: Is the Police God?

M: *Another lecture on good vs bad, corruption, justice, suggesting taking up martial arts and study hard for exams that make you ‘Police Gods.’

D: So…are you a God?

M: No, I am just Ma.

D: Is Papa a God?

M: *sighs “No, but-“

D: Have you seen anybody who is a God? No? Then no good people in the world? Only bad people? And where is my biscuit?

M: No, I haven’t seen God and I don’t know anybody who did either. There are people good, bad, and both. Having faith in something better and stronger than you, it is as good as believing there is God. It makes you humble, and want to be better than you already are. Go to sleep, please. We will talk about this later (mommy has to relay this whole thing to papa).

D: OK. *yawns. But I think anybody can be God if anybody does homework, shoos away bad people, help others, and do their homework. And fight strong. And eat vegetables, fruits, BISCUITS! MAAAAA!

M:😶 *forgot to buy biscuits


So what say you?