How have you been?


I had a good vacation. Our entire family and relatives caught the same bug and took turns falling ill. It was kinda fun as we all got to rest and had a few free moments to catch up after a long time.


I have read only Bengali books for the last couple of weeks. Didn’t touch my WIP or visit my blog, so that was an unusually long break. But I am back now and with vengeance. ūüôā


Okay, that long break from books ended with more books. Still not 100% up to it but looks like this hiatus from blogging will end soon. Picked up on my WIP after three weeks last night. So yeah, #amwriting and #amreading.


Enjoying formatting a superb in depth interview with GR Matthews. Laughing and shaking my head as I cut paste the chosen bits for the week. Make time for the first episode of that interview scheduled to appear this weekend (hopefully) and make space on your shelves for his latest planned release of the latest #CorinHayes book.


Better yet, buy and read up the first two to get yourself updated. #underwateradventure, #scifiseries.


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