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Spotlight: Author Interview


We all enjoy reading about writers we know and have had the fortune of reading their work. We (some of us) want to know more about the bloggers who work hard for the greater good of the writing community for free out of love for literature.

I am planning to post a series of interviews this year. Not more than one in two weeks, or even less, to keep it simple and manageable for me. I need your help to make this a meaningful and fun series.

So, tell me from the reader’s perspective.

What makes it just another proverbial brick in the wall? What are the ideal questions to ask an author or a blogger without being boring?




Besides the basic and essential ‘who are you’ and ‘how do you do what you do’, what is it that you seek as a reader from such interviews?

Let me kick it off with a few questions to you, dear readers.

What do you expect from an interview? Consider the interviewee to be Authors and bloggers or both. Do’s


Do’s and Don’ts


What would you rather not see in an interview? Don’ts



What do you think is missing from interviews in general? Specific? Misses



What can make the process more insightful? Hits


Reader’s Q&A


Do you have any particular question you would like to ask fantasy authors, book bloggers? Q from readers


I am trying to understand how to make this more interesting and less generic. So, use the comments section to share your thoughts. Please feel free to discuss anything related to the topic. I am waiting to hear from you.



  1. The Grim Reader

    One of the big things with interviews I find , especially concerning author interviews is they appreciate when the blogger has done some research. I used to ask authors to tell my readers a bit about themselves, now I write a bio instead. I realized it looked a little lazy on my behalf.

    I always try to ask different questions, along with the fairly generic ones.

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  2. Bookwraiths

    One question I’ve seen asked is “What question should I have asked you about this book?” It allows the author to add something he/she really wants to say.

    I always like to ask authors some fun (stupid) questions about their hobbies, pop culture, favorite beverage, or things of that nature. It lets me get to know them a bit better outside their author role.

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      Anindita CSG

      Haha. I enjoy those fun (better if a little embarrassing) questions. Thanks for commenting. 🙂 I am planning to ask the author for a free comment anyway. He/She knows the best how to place his/her work.

  3. sjhigbee

    Yes! I like interviews that give us an insight into the PERSON behind their book or blog. And it’s often those left-field questions that give them a chance to reveal a slice of themselves.

So what say you?