Marked (Apocalypse Assassins Trilogy #1) by D. Laine

Marked by D. Laine

I received an advanced reader’s copy of the first book Marked from the Apocalypse Assassins Trilogy, Desni Dantone’s latest series. The author is using the name D Laine for this series so don’t get confused. This is the same Desni we know and love.

Marked is a concoction of science fiction, supernatural/paranormal, mystery-thriller, and adult romance.

The narrative has good pace and clarity. Those who have read Desni Dantone’s Ignited series are already aware of her superpower in writing good paranormal romance. This book is a grade higher regarding language, sexual encounters, and violence.

The story holds the reader’s interest and entertains throughout the book.

Storywise, action takes up most of the spotlight. Lucifer‘s army comes out of Hell to wreak havoc on Earth, the dreaded apocalypse. Vessels are sent by demons to create tags, some equally terrible and repulsive creatures. The concept is similar to vampirism, but the similarity ends there. Gore is a notch higher than a vampire romance of recent trend.

A few of the scientific facts like a geophysical attack as a plan to initiate Apocalypse by Lucifer’s army are kind of interesting. The natural disasters are revealed to be caused by the supernatural beings using human tools like bombs. It’s not that great a spoiler, I hope. The author explains the phenomenon well enough to understand. This book ends with a clear cut path for a sequel, but no hair pulling, screaming, and banging-your-head-against-the-wall cliffhanger.

The assassin Dylan is a character young in age and tries very hard to behave like adults but often sounds like a Bondesque hormone raged teenager. He is described as very attractive, sexually active, efficient assassin with a secret past. His best friend is the quintessential supporting character who has secrets, and geeky superpowers (think surveillance, backup shooter, best friend, in one body) of his own.

Don’t look for an epic here. You will have more fun.


3.5 Bohostars.

Overall, Marked is a fast paced entertaining book of monster killing goodness. Buy it, read it, wait for the rest of the series. Enjoy.

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