Mutationem by Phoenix Jericho


I requested an ARC of this book from Netgalley based on a smart cover and a compelling blurb.

Mutationem projects an all female cast, well, almost. The only male (as far as I have read, around three-fourth of the book) is a cat.

The introduction was good. The author introduced the characters well by giving us a short background with minimum exposition.

I thought what could go wrong with a story about a bunch of women survivors in a spaceship looking for a new home? A science fiction category, a mysterious and overprotective cat, and a super smart baby.

The intelligent cat and the terrifyingly progressing baby had some exciting moments. The cat had to protect her from the villain quite frequently, and those were the best scenes in the book. I almost liked the first few chapters.

Then the lesbian antagonist entered.

Dear readers, I believe in a justified portrayal of LGBTQS (added S for straight) romance. However, the purpose of the sex scenes (no romance as the character is an antagonist) in this book was lost somewhere between titillation and adding to the word count.

You don’t need explicit scenes in every few pages of a science fiction novel to show the antagonist is a lesbian and very very naughty.

Suggestion: A warning for the explicit scenes should be added in the blurb/book cover/ anywhere relevant for potential underage readers.

One particular garden scene was well-written. The enemy’s influence over some women of the ship and their response to her charm was so well portrayed that I went on for a few more pages.

That’s how the book is. You get good moments, and then you wonder who wrote the next part. The dialogues felt artificial.

I am convinced that the idea of the story is excellent. However, uneven pace and style of narrative, numerous lesbian sex scenes bobbing up at regular intervals, long stretches of the story without much progress, this book wasn’t of the standard I had expected.

This book had the possibility of becoming a fascinating read.

I assume the book has gone through beta reading. However, I suggest another round. There is so much potential. From the parts I have read (skipped quite a few pages, I admit), the concept is brilliant. A better execution is all it needs.

My review is based on an ARC, so there might be some changes before publishing the book.

I avoid posting reviews on books that haven’t made the 3-star cut-off, but I am making an exception and rounding off 2.5 Bohostars to three for the concept, cover, and the cat.


Mutationem Book Cover



Phoenix Jericho

Science fiction, Adult

Colt Creek Publishing LLC

March 7th 2017




Decades after World War III, nuclear war is decimating the planet. Amidst the turmoil and destruction lies one last drop of hope: the most ambitious space mission ever planned, to be executed by the largest earthly spacecraft. The goal? For the crew aboard IWSA-24 to be the first to colonize Alpha-64, located 100 Earth years away. The clock is ticking, with the launch only a few weeks out. But when the war takes a calamitous turn only minutes before the shuttle’s first flight simulation, suddenly the crew on board realize they are the planet’s only survivors. With minimal provisions, equipment, and astronauts, a new set of questions arise for Captain Kriss and her all-female crew: will IWSA-24 have enough fuel to make it to Alpha-64? Will they devise a plan to secure male DNA in time to save humanity? What mysteries and unknowns lurk on this faraway planet? What starts as an unlikely community of lovers, enemies, scientists, and spies evolves rapidly as the crew approaches Alpha-64.


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    I really agree that books that have a lot of explicit scenes should mention that on the blurb- for me the issue is when I’m expecting one genre but find out halfway through that it’s something else- I just want to know what to expect with something like that and don’t really want to be taken by surprise. Great review!

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