Review policy


I started A Bohemian Mind at work as a personal blog.

The reviews just started happening one day. I like to read almost all genres but can’t manage the influx of ARCs and plan to keep it narrowed down to the ones I am now interested in (changes from time to time, yes). You will find all the details of my review policy below. Use the comment section or email me at if you have any questions related to reviews.

Rating system


Boho star rating system: 1 to 5 stars.

This blog only features reviews of books that have earned a minimum of 3 boho stars.

3 boho stars: I liked the book, but not so much (no dancing around, screaming, ‘yay yay, yippee yippee’).

4 and 5 boho stars: I will spread the word and shout out to the world how great the book was (ok, not shout, but whisper in a gentle, lady-like way, via social media).

Review system

Some reviews will be short, some long, depending on the depth and length of the book and my interest.

If I rate your book 3 boho stars and above, we can talk about interviews. I do blog tours and cover reveals but not necessarily review those books. I am a little more choosy when it comes to reviews.

Please note that this is not my full-time job. I review books on my personal time to entertain myself and help the ones who make us all happy. So please be patient and help me help you do justice to your hard work.

If you wish to submit your book for review on my blog, A Bohemian Mind at Work, please EMAIL me at

I need a high-resolution cover, author photos if any, book links, website links, contact information (if you want to share), and media kit (if we have talked about the cover reveal or author interviews) with your review/cover reveal/interview request via email.

If we discuss reviewing a book via social media, please do send the ARC (Kindle, epub) via email. No other source will be considered as I need to keep a track of all review requests.

If I do not respond to your request within 3 days, you can reach me via Facebook, Twitter, email follow-up, etc. I will respond to you even if I can’t accept your book whatever the reason be.

I might take more than a month to review your books depending on my schedule and other books in line (close publishing date, etc.), so please let me know if you have urgent requirements (cover reveal, interviews etc for near-launch promotion).

I read both traditionally and self-published work. I prioritize according to the release date (near release takes over already released ones).

I loveĀ fantasy (epic, grimdark, urban), science fiction and crime thrillers (love detective stories).

No religious themes (e.g. spiritual philosophies), please, unless it’s a fantasy novel based on mythology.

I don’t review short stories, anthologies, poems unless it’s directly from a publisher or an author whose work I have already read and reviewed.

No non-fiction now.

No erotica.

Please note that I am accepting books for review now. However, I am looking for specific types each month.

Review requests coming in the month of July: epic fantasy, police procedurals among mysteries.

My schedule is still full so all reviews for books accepted in July will be posted after August.

I am doing author interviews from the last week of June. If I have read and reviewed your book or have it on my TBR list, we can do an interview. Please let me know the time that suits you the best, e.g. launch, cover reveal, new edition, etc. I will send you a long list of questions and post the entire discussion in installments over the week to give you maximum exposure. I suggest some wrist exercises before you get to your keyboard.

Watch this section for updates.

How to contact for a book review

Email me.

You can approach me via FB/Twitter but an email is a must. This helps me communicate with you easily and you can send me necessary information like your website, book links, covers, etc.

I accept formats in the following order of preference: Kindle (.mobi), epubs, physical copies, according to your convenience. Please send me a copy of the book cover (high resolution) if the one on Goodreads is not the latest or your preferred one. Some covers taken from there looks grainy as feature images.

Please check the non-reading period. I don’t take new books in summer due to personal commitment.

If your book doesn’t score a rating above 3 (satisfactory to me), I won’t post reviews, but you will receive an email with the negative criticism for reference. This is to avoid an adverse influence on the author’s rating and inform the author why the book didn’t work for me. It’s not a personal agenda against you so do not take it as an attack.

If you don’t find my review acceptable, we can discuss like civilized people. I review books out of the passion for literature and no monetary gain. I am sure you can appreciate that.


I review books that I have bought, or received advanced review/reading copies from publishers directly, or through websites like Netgalley or authors.

I offer honest reviews in exchange of ARC.

Sometimes, my reviews might contain spoilers. If you are an author/publisher who would prefer to avoid so, please let me know when you contact me for the review.

If you are a reader, and you want to avoid spoilers, do not go beyond the alert. I will treat any spoiler-related grumbly comments as spam.



  1. Tribe and Fiber

    This is great! I write short reviews myself and have been wondering how to receive submissions from authors instead of seeking them out myself, or aside from seeking them out myself.

    I love the content you have here and wonder how many requests do you get and in what timeframe? If you don’t mind me asking!

    Thanks so much!

    1. Post
      Anindita CSG

      Hi. I started finding books from Netgalley and Edelweiss (still not comfortable with this one). I joined a few relevant genre groups in Facebook and authors started offering me books for reviews. I am following you now. You can follow me back. That’s how I am building a base. Once some popular blogs following you comments on your site, you will get more traffic and writers will find you. Also, check the ‘book clubs’ I have membership with. You can join those so writers and publishers find your blog listed and reach out to you. You can refer to some top blogs from your preferred genre to understand the review policies, etc. I did a lot of trial and error. Now, I have to go through non acceptance periods to cut down the influx. You have to be specific from the beginning or else you will find it difficult to manage too. All the best. By the way, your website is very neat and pretty. I like cooking and embroidery. Can’t knit. I see you follow Melanie’s blog. She is one of the popular ones. You can learn from her better.

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