Review requests

Dear authors and publishers,


Please note that I am not accepting new book review requests for all genres between 9th March (Today morning, 10.oo am IST) to 9th April (10.00am IST).

I know I am going to miss out pretty awesome books but I want to reduce my ever growing list of already requested reviews before I take any new ones.

Please check my review policy (the note in red) for further updates. You can start sending me email requests from 7th April. I should be in a much better position after a month.

The ones who already have offered me their books will see the reviews within the promised timeline. I will stay in touch, just in case.

I just need to make time for my daughter (scary summer vacations coming up) and focus on my WIP that I have been neglecting for so long.

Thank you for your patience. I hope we will work together soon.

Review policy

So what say you?