Rex by Rita Stradling: Book review

Rex by Rita Stradling

Rex, the second book in the young-adult fantasy series Dakota Kekoa, is a well-paced, action based, romance novel.

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for honest review.

This book starts with some emails written by the lead character and the book’s namesake, Dakota. I found the letters an interesting and unique approach, bridging this book with its predecessor by showing us residual feelings between the heroine and her overbearing beau.

Rex is written in Dakota’s POV and the writing style is uniform.

The characters don’t get much chance of developing since almost all of them have already developed supernatural powers. The perfect example of a plot-driven story, in my opinion.

I particularly appreciate the world building. Rex is not a book which requires an extensive description of a fantasy world. The author has used just the right amount of imagination and words to show us the islands, museums, towers and places of significance.

Dakota’s denial of her clear lingering feelings for the wyvern is a recurring feature in the book.

Once the vampires entered the picture, a love triangle created by the heroine’s confused attraction towards a vampire Prince left me wondering if it was necessary.

Honestly, I am not a big fan of triangles, especially when it’s pretty clear from the beginning that two of the three are meant to be together.

Throwing the third one into the mix for the sake of creating a triangle isn’t as entertaining as it sounds.

The pace and the flow of the narrative are more or less smooth, and the writing style is good.

I can’t say I loved the end, but the entry of the wyvern and the following scenes were entertaining enough, so I am not complaining.

I want to the read the third book and am going to take it up as soon as I can.

If you like action, romance, fantasy mix of supernatural (wyverns, vampires, strong magical elements), this is the book for you. Go ahead. Buy, read and review. Do share your experience with me.

Until next time.

Rex Book Cover


Dakota Keoka

Rita Stradling

Young-adult, Fantasy, Romance

Rita Stradling

October 16th, 2016




Dakota is assigned a secret mission from her grandfather. A foreign queen is running a vampire dinner cruise off the coast of the Mabiian Islands, and the retribution must be swift. Yet, when Dakota infiltrates the ship 'Crimson Sunset', nothing is at it seems. Not only is Dakota in deathly peril, all of New Anglo is on the road to war.

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