Science fiction: short story idea

science fiction

I have started working on three connected stories(science fiction) today after spending the last three days on research. I enjoy reading sci-fi but this is my first attempt at writing one.

Science fiction-DNA
Welcome the change

The first story is about a near-apocalyptic world, where a group of people is using genetic alteration to regulate or change human behavior. Another group is working on age reversal to deal with disease progression and mortality. I am writing about the emotional response of the subjects to the experiments (dysmorphophobias) and their struggle to adapt to the changes.

The second story is about the group who seeks power and another who seeks immortality. They are running against time to survive the nearing destruction of the world.

Science fiction-Apocalypse
End of the world

Nobody is right or evil here. Everybody wants to leave the dying world and survive on the new planet in a galaxy far far away (wink). But here is the catch.

Only one ship can make the journey.

Millenium Falcon (sigh)

That brings us to the third story. How do the refugees survive and thrive in a new world? I have to cook up some aliens. Any suggestions?

Any of my friends out there working on/or studying (your knowledge needs to be above lay person level) anything relevant to the topics I have mentioned? Since I am writing speculative fiction, someone needs to validate (as logically as possible) my wild theories.

When I was doing my Masters in Zoology, I was the least ambitious student possible(well, no harm in admitting now). Mostly reading stuff you like and skipping the rest doesn’t make you Hermione Granger, does it? I loved Genetics. I was terribly upset when I realized I couldn’t get into Genetics and had to specialize in Endocrinology instead. Endo was fun but…

Writing a science fiction might help with the regret, or so I think.

Do share your thoughts on my story ideas. Bye bye.

By the way, Mr. Husband thinks zombies are a must. He doesn’t care why, where, how, or when, as long as they are there. Really?


So what say you?