A short break and another long break coming up

A short break and another long break coming up

If you are wondering, my dear friends and readers, where I have vanished, my shoulder pain has flared up and I can type hardly a paragraph before my hand freezes again. Just a little message for you.

Taking an evening and a morning to write this a little message for you.

I am reading the ARCs, keeping notes for later reviews, and trying to continue with my WIP by long-hand. I miss you all and hope to be back soon with some reviews and interviews as soon as I can type more than 100 words a day.

I have a family gathering later in July and hence will travel to our parent’s home (going to see my husbands and mine, both, yay!). I have a brand-new-nearly-six-month-old-now niece waiting for us to pee on. And a bunch of cousins (no peeing involved, I hope).

I should be back in Bangalore by the second week of August. Hope I can start blogging with a vengeance then.

Stay well, take care of yourself, keep an eye for updates from A Bohemian Mind at Work if they appear once a while when the moon shines blue.

Adiós (learning Spanish. Can you tell?).


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