Son of War, A Sphinx Companion Story (Sphinx) by Raye Wagner: Review

Son of War

Son of war is a novella offered by Raye Wagner for the fans of Sphinx or those who enjoy Greek mythology in a light wrap of teenage urban fantasy based romance.

Son of War gives us a glimpse of Xan, the son of Ares, showing us the reason he lived a confined life in the conservatory before the events of the main Sphinx series happened.

We see a few other known characters whom we have learned to love or hate in the main series, like Dahlia, Ophelia, etc.

Xan is an interesting character and one of the leads from Sphinx novels, and he totally deserves his book. However, this novella doesn’t offer much important conceptual insight over what we already know (the regular readers of Sphinx I mean) about the main story line, so you can read it as a standalone or as a break from the series when Raye is busy writing the next novel.

Raye has maintained her style of presenting a character’s passion and emotions in-depth. I could feel Xan’s frustration and urge to throw things (had a bad day), wanted to do that myself. This book focuses on Xan’s struggle with his temper, his guilt, his cornered situation when the other demigods give him a tough time for being who he is. The Sons of Apollos are as annoying as ever. I keep forgetting that Dahlia is Xan’s cousin, such is their chemistry. Wish she wasn’t related to him. Ophelia is unexpectedly likable here.

Not sure I like the book cover. I pictured Xan a bit different. Muscular, but a little cuter.

Raye’s works are perfect for nightly reading. They have that soothing quality of storytelling. The books have an integral connection with mythology and are presented in a modern setting and atmosphere with light quest-like adventures that make them perfect for a comfortable read.

I offer four Bohostars to Son of War for being a fast yet relaxed read. Thank you, Raye and Layla, for providing me with an ARC of Son of War, A Sphinx Companion Story.


This review is based on my opinion of the book and is not influenced by the fact that I have received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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Son of War: A Sphinx Companion Story Book Cover

Son of War: A Sphinx Companion Story


Raye Wagner

Urban fantasy, Greek mythology, MG/YA

Self published

April 27th 2017




Fans of teen fantasy and Greek mythology will love this take of demigods and monsters set in the modern realm.

Xan Tierney was raised by his father Ares to be ruthless and lethal. As a kynigόs, he spends his time eliminating monsters that prey on naïve mortals and foolish demigods. There’s no doubt he’s the best, so when the daughter of Athena asks him to let Apollo’s sons tag along on a routine hunt, he agrees. But the sons of Apollo are arrogant idiots, and what should’ve been an easy kill turns deadly.

Forced to recuperate at the conservatory, Xan is surrounded by painful memories and fresh accusations. He can’t wait until he’s well enough to leave, so he can return to hunting. Unfortunately for him, the resident demigods have their own agendas.

Xan may be the son of Ares, but his fighting skills are no match for the destiny the Fates have woven for him.

Son of War is a Sphinx Series companion story; however, it can be enjoyed independently of the series.

This teen series is perfect for fans of Percy Jackson. With Greek gods and goddesses, curses, action, and a slow building romance, The Sphinx Series is a retelling of ancient myths that puts a new spin on the old legends. Ideal for tweens, teens, and the young adult at heart.

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