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The Stone Road (The Forbidden List #1) by G.R. Matthews: Review (Author Spotlight)

G.R. Matthews: The Stone Road

The Stone Road is the first book of the epic fantasy series, The Forbidden List by G.R. Matthews. Review This book introduces the readers to two ambitious young men who are our aspiring heroes and keep meeting each other at various circumstances before their fates merge together. Two rival provinces Wubei and Yaart in a …

Tagged (Apocalypse Assassin series) by D Laine: Cover reveal


I am pleased to present before you the cover of D Laine’s latest book Tagged from the Apocalypse Assassin series. Blurb Lucifer has officially declared war. Survivors are under attack. The apocalypse is in full swing, and only the strongest will survive what is coming. With assassins Dylan Romero and Jake Walker by her side, former college student …

Marked (Apocalypse Assassins Trilogy #1) by D. Laine

Marked by D. Laine

I received an advanced reader’s copy of the first book Marked from the Apocalypse Assassins Trilogy, Desni Dantone’s latest series. The author is using the name D Laine for this series so don’t get confused. This is the same Desni we know and love. Marked is a concoction of science fiction, supernatural/paranormal, mystery-thriller, and adult …