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The Stone Road (The Forbidden List #1) by G.R. Matthews: Review (Author Spotlight)

G.R. Matthews: The Stone Road

The Stone Road is the first book of the epic fantasy series, The Forbidden List by G.R. Matthews. Review This book introduces the readers to two ambitious young men who are our aspiring heroes and keep meeting each other at various circumstances before their fates merge together. Two rival provinces Wubei and Yaart in a …

The Reborn King (The Dragon’s Blade #1) by Michael R. Miller: Review

The Reborn King

Michael Miller’s debut epic fantasy The Reborn King, the first book from The Dragon’s Blade Trilogy is a classic tale of good vs. evil in the Tolkienian style. First things first, the book cover is eye-catching, artistic, and perfectly in line with the story. It was a pleasant surprise when I reached that part of …

Veiled Intentions (The Dragon’s Blade #2) by Michael R. Miller: Review

Veiled Intentions

Veiled Intensions, the second book in The Dragon’s Blade series by Michael R. Miller starts where The Reborn King had left us. However, this book follows a slightly different style and presentation. The POVs move more frequently, giving us a good picture of overall plot progress. The backstory broadens, and the spectral Lord Dukoona becomes …