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Half-Shell Prophecies (Among the Mythos) (Volume 4)

Half-Shell Prophecies

Half-Shell Prophecies (Among the Mythos) (Volume 4) by Ruthanne Reid is about scary monstrous Lords of parallel universes and other mighty beings conducting a cat and mouse chase after the said Lin for their selfish motive. What is the lost Lin? Katie Lin, the protagonist and the proverbial damsel in distress is the lost Lin …

Rex by Rita Stradling: Book review

Rex by Rita Stradling

Rex, the second book in the young-adult fantasy series Dakota Kekoa, is a well-paced, action based, romance novel. I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for honest review. This book starts with some emails written by the lead character and the book’s namesake, Dakota. I found the letters an interesting and unique approach, bridging …