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The Reborn King (The Dragon’s Blade #1) by Michael R. Miller: Review

The Reborn King

Michael Miller’s debut epic fantasy The Reborn King, the first book from The Dragon’s Blade Trilogy is a classic tale of good vs. evil in the Tolkienian style. First things first, the book cover is eye-catching, artistic, and perfectly in line with the story. It was a pleasant surprise when I reached that part of …

Veiled Intentions (The Dragon’s Blade #2) by Michael R. Miller: Review

Veiled Intentions

Veiled Intensions, the second book in The Dragon’s Blade series by Michael R. Miller starts where The Reborn King had left us. However, this book follows a slightly different style and presentation. The POVs move more frequently, giving us a good picture of overall plot progress. The backstory broadens, and the spectral Lord Dukoona becomes …