Thursday Teasers

Thursday Teasers

I haven’t posted reviews for a while but read some awesome books in the last few days.

Summer holidays are not real holidays for mommies. We have to make dolly clothes, paper boats, play horsie and piggybacks, cook yummy nummies, and watch a lot of cartoons. Such things give this mommy some crazy migraine. But that’s nothing compared to the hugs and kisses rained upon by mommy’s little cupcake.

Since I can’t find enough time to work regularly on my WIP or write a review, I am going to post some touchy feely good lines from the books I am reading. These lines are about emotions or things that evoke feelings.

This week’s teasers are:

G.R. Matthews: The Blue Mountain


Geoff was supposed to appear on my Sunday Spotlight but I missed a week. Next Sunday, GR.

Here is a line showing pain.

The shocking cold ran up his leg and froze his spine. It still hurt but it was best to move on. He lifted his trailing foot up onto the second step. Gasping in pain as sharp spikes pressed against the soles of his feet, Zhou stepped again. His skin prickled and itched as if a thousand mosquitos were biting, again and again. He ignored the pain and the itch, seeking to distance himself from his body and stepped again.


Another one from the same book about the simple pleasures of life that only a trusting touch can make you feel or remember.

The touch was everything. It was the summer sun high in the sky. The comfort of a warm bed on winter’s morning. The heat of a bath easing tired muscles. The last breath, heave with sleep, before the dreams.

The next one is from

Dead beatDead Beat (The Dresden Files #7) by Jim Butcher.

The following one is just for fun. :).

While I wasn’t quite certain of the all the details, Mouse wasn’t your average dog, and if Mouse didn’t sense lurking bad guys, it was because there weren’t any bad guys lurking.

Another one from the same book about the happy dog.

Mouse liked going places in the car. That the place had happened to be a clandestine meeting in a freaking graveyard didn’t seem to spoil anything for him. It was all about the journey, not the destination. A very Zen soul, was Mouse.


So which books are you reading now? Want to share excerpts that made you go O or laugh or cry? Use the comments or post it on your blog and share the link. Enjoy!


  1. sjhigbee

    Oh yes – the Jim Dresden files is such fun:). Glad you’re enjoying this one. I have a book by G.R. Matthews on my TBR pile – I think I need to get to it sooner, rather than later… Thank you for sharing.

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      1. sjhigbee

        Yes – the Harry Dresden books do get steadily darker as the series progresses. I have to say that while I loved a couple right at the very end – overall I preferred the humour and fun at the start of the series. I have a G.R. Matthews book by my bed which I’m hoping to get to within the month!

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