Top Ten Tuesday: Best Books I have Read so Far in 2017

Top Ten Tuesday

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Top Ten Tuesday
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This week’s theme is Best Books we’ve Read so far in 2017.


I am going to select my pile from all the books read between January 2017 to today, June 2017. The list includes the ones that have left the strongest impression on my mind due to a variety of reasons. The books are from different subgenre and they have been read and reviewed or will be reviewed on this website soon this year.


Here is the list from me, aka A Bohemian Mind at Work.

1. Godblind by Anna Stephens




Genre: Epic fantasy, grimdark
Review: Coming soon

Anna Stephens, a debutant in the Fantasy ball this year, produces the grimdarkest creation I have read so far this year. Not only does this book have strong women characters, one of the scenes will take me forever to recover. And I am not even a man.

If anybody has any doubts about the capability of women writing grimdark fantasy, go, read this bok.

2. Chalk by Paul Cornell


Freaky Friday
Chalk by Paul Cornell


Genre: Urban fantasy, horror
Review: Here

This book takes the story of bullies to its ultimate height. The revenge isn’t any less. Alexander Dumas would have cringed in his seat if he had to sit and read this before plotting the Count of Monte Cristo’s vengeance. Written with raw, gritty description and an apparently apathetic language, Chalk forces us to rethink every act of indifference we have committed in our life.

3. Ghosts of Tomorrow by Michael R. Fletcher


Ghosts of Tomorrow


Genre: Science Fiction
Review: Here

Plot, narrative, characters, everything in this book screams entertainment, but the underlying theme remains explorative of the fundamental human nature of greed and ambition. Two words, friends: forced autism. Go, read it.

4. Paternus by Dyrk Ashton


Paternus by Dyrk Ashton


Waiting for the new cover by Shawn King @stk_kreations and J A Di Giovanni @ja_dig

Genre: Urban fantasy, epic fantasy, multiple mythologies inspired
Review: Here

The creepy and haunting Max, sprawling character list from all known and lesser known mythologies of the world, this book is an ambitious project that leaves us at the edge of our seats, craning our necks, waiting for more.

5. The Blue Mountain (The Forbidden List #2) by G.R. Matthews


G.R. Matthews: The Blue Mountain


Genre: Epic Fantasy, Asian mythology inspired
Review: Here

Beautiful lyrical prose, different from the usual fantasy elements based on European myths and lore, G.R. Matthews has created something amazing. I am reading the third and final installment of the series, and the dreamlike quality of the work still amazes me.

6. Revolt (Godsknife #1) by Timothy C. Ward


Revolt (Godsknife)


Genre: Science fiction, urban fantasy, horror, post-apocalyptic, thriller
Review: Here

Fantasy with biological elements, a character who undergoes an 180-degree transformation in nature, tight plot with suspense till the end, how have you not read it yet?

7. Bite Somebody Else by Sara Dobie Bauer


Bite Somebody Else: Review


Genre: Paranormal romance, humor
Review: Here

Fun, snarky, entertaining, this bunch of vamps can lighten your mood any day. The author has managed to break free from the YA paranormal romance stereotype but avoided the margin that would turn this into a mindless erotica.

8. Eleventh Grave in Moonlight (Charley Davidson, #11) by Darynda Jones


Eleventh Grave in Moonlight


Genre: Paranormal romance, detective thriller, humor
Review: Here

The private investigator Charley Davidson is a God and suffers from attention deficit disorder. Adorable and hilarious, she can kick any ass she thinks needs kicking. And it helps that she married a hottie. I have read all the previous book after reviewing this ARC. Ideal for a break from mainstream thriller or fantasy.

9. Hollywood Homicide (Detective by Day #1) by Kellye Garrett


Hollywood Homicide


Genre: Cozy mystery, contemporary fiction
Review: Here

Another fantastic debut this year, the detective is an ex-Hollywood starlet. Trust me, this lady will knock your boots off, and you won’t even know it. A generous amount of humor mixed with high drama, this cozy mystery is a perfect travel read.

10. Dragonship by J.P. Ashman




Waiting for the new cover by Pen Astridge @peastri
Genre: Fantasy Short Story
Review: Here

The man knows how to create an epic and not cross the word limit. The scope of the work within its limits of length is why this book ends up on this list.

Share the love. Use the comment section to post the link to your best reads so far in 2017. I would love to check them out.



  1. Tammy

    Ghosts of Tomorrow, Godblind and Paternus are on my list, I keep hearing about them and I’m very excited to get to them someday. However, Chalk and I did not get along well at all. But glad you enjoyed it!

    1. Post
      Anindita CSG

      Those books are awesome. Chalk isn’t something one enjoys. It haunts you in your dreams. 🙂 There is a particular scene in Godblind that will remind you of Chalk. Though, Anna makes it less graphic.

    1. Post
  2. Bookwraiths

    GHOSTS OF TOMORROW is definitely going to be on my mid-year list (when I get around to doing it.), and all the others sound great. Definitely intend to pick several of them up.

    1. Post
  3. sjhigbee

    A great list – I love the sound of Somebody Bite Me and Eleventh Grave in Moonlight – but there are others on there that have me drooling…

    1. Post

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