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WWW Wednesday

This meme was formerly hosted by MizB at A Daily Rhythm and has been revived by Sam on Taking on a World of Words.


WWW Wednesday, 7-June-2017


You can add your list answering the three questions below and leave a link to your post in the comments on Sam’s blog, Taking on a World of Words for others to look at.


What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?


I am going to add a few words on my take of the books as I am not being to write reviews for a while. My working hand has declared a strike so…


Currently reading


Jaeth's Eye


Jaeth’s Eye (The Agartes Epilogues #1) by K.S. Villoso


The lives of a mercenary, a seamstress, and a merchant converge. Kefier, who is picking up the pieces of his life after his brother’s accident, finds himself chased down by former associates for his friend’s death. Already once branded a murderer, he crosses paths with his friend’s sister, Sume, whose only desire is to see her family through some troubled times. In the meantime, young, arrogant Ylir takes a special interest in Kefier while he himself is entangled in a battle with a powerful mage, one whose name has been long forgotten in legend. At the crux of their conflict is a terrible creature with one eye, cast from the womb of a witch, with powers so immense whoever possesses it holds the power to bring the continent to its knees.


ARC: epub, 305 pages
Latest edition (2nd): Published on May 20th, 2017 by Liam’s Vigil Publishing Co.


I had to stop reading this book after a few chapters as it wasn’t doing anything for me. I wasn’t in the right mood with many personal issues and stuff. The fresh attempt feels better.





When her devout parents were killed, Cheryl abandoned her destiny as a priestess. Despite the unusual decrees of the new priest, an evil threat preys on the town. Tragic murders have become more frequent when a few traveling warriors stop here for the night. Will they help Cheryl’s village or destroy it? She knows better than to trust them. Years of pain and self-loathing have hardened her. To fight back the infectious curse that plagues her home, she must finally face her brutal past.


Kindle Edition, 241 pages
Published October 5th, 2016 by Amazon Digital Services


This is the year of the grimdark. At least for me, as a reader. Another book I had to keep aside for a while to get in the mood, Chaste is undoubtedly a fine example of grimdark. And I am enjoying it now, after a little break.


Recently read


G.R. Matthews: The Red Plains


The war has finally begun.
With the enemy at the Wall, the Empire is in grave danger. But it is just one part of the ongoing conflict. In the Realm of the Spirit, the war has been fought for hundreds, if not thousands of years. 
Old allies have been lost, new friends are around the corner. The Wu, the spirit sorcerers, are wounded and the Taiji almost extinct.
More is at stake than any realize. Even those on the Forbidden List do not know the whole truth.


Kindle Edition
Published February 4th, 2016 by Amazon


Stunning, beautiful, not sweet anymore. It’s grimdark. Much more than its predecessors. I finished this series (will post a review as soon as I can type for a little longer) and looking forward to a rendezvous with my beloved Corin.


The Court of Broken Knives (Empires of Dust #1) by Anna Smith Spark

The Court of Broken Knives (Empires of Dust #1)
by Anna Smith Spark


They’ve finally looked at the graveyard of our Empire with open eyes. They’re fools and madmen and like the art of war. And their children go hungry while we piss gold and jewels into the dust.

In the richest empire the world has ever known, the city of Sorlost has always stood, eternal and unconquered. But in a city of dreams governed by an imposturous Emperor, decadence has become the true ruler and has blinded its inhabitants to their vulnerability. The empire is on the verge of invasion – and only one man can see it.

Haunted by dreams of the empire’s demise, Orhan Emmereth has decided to act. On his orders, a company of soldiers cross the desert to reach the city. Once they enter the Palace, they have one mission: kill the Emperor, then all those who remain. Only from ashes can a new empire be built.

The company is a group of good, ordinary soldiers, for whom this is a mission like any other. But the strange boy Marith who walks among them is no ordinary soldier. Marching on Sorlost, Marith thinks he is running away from the past which haunts him. But in the Golden City, his destiny awaits him – beautiful, bloody, and more terrible than anyone could have foreseen.


Kindle Edition, 512 pages (from my own collection)
Published June 29th, 2017 by Harper Voyager (first published June 27th, 2017)


Easily one of the best books I have read so far. What a rich, sensational, poetically brutal prose! I need to write three pages of a review before I can cut it down to a decent size and post here.


Next read



Kings of the Wyld (The Band #1) by Nicholas Eames



Clay Cooper and his band were once the best of the best — the meanest, dirtiest, most feared crew of mercenaries this side of the Heartwyld.

Their glory days long past, the mercs have grown apart and grown old, fat, drunk – or a combination of the three. Then an ex-bandmate turns up at Clay’s door with a plea for help. His daughter Rose is trapped in a city besieged by an enemy one hundred thousand strong and hungry for blood. Rescuing Rose is the kind of mission that only the very brave or the very stupid would sign up for.

It’s time to get the band back together for one last tour across the Wyld.


Kindle Edition, 544 pages
Published February 21st, 2017 by Orbit


I haven’t started this yet. KOW is expected to give me the much-needed break from grimdark. 🙂




So what are you reading now? What did you enjoy reading recently? What are you planning to read next? Share the link so I can check your list. Let’s spread the love.




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